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MorningMaze #35

MorningMaze is a standard American crossword puzzle (15X15) in .pdf which you can download each day Monday through Friday - along with the solution to the previous day’s puzzle.

MorningMaze has an additional, unique “Shuffle” feature. At the end of the clues are ten numbers from the grid. The letters which go with each number after the puzzle is solved will, once unscrambled, create a ten letter word. A clue to this word appears after the numbers. The solution to the Shuffle appears with the next MorningMaze puzzle.

The Aggrostic is a downloadable monthly double acrostic puzzle. Questions are asked and the answers are placed letter by letter in spaces with numbers below each space. These answers are then to be transferred letter by letter to a grid. Once filled in, the grid reveals an excerpt from a famous piece of writing and the first letters of the answers to the questions spell out the author and title of the quotation.

Printable version availablePrintable Version,

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This web site is supported by voluntary subscription. You are invited to try out the puzzles and pay what you feel this site is worth.   The MorningMaze is published three weeks of each month, the Aggrostic during the final week of each month, the SoHuNu? twice a week, and CoffeeCrypt once a week.  


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